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    Finally a Private Cloud Designed For Resellers

    AllenPort has been designed from the ground up to be a reseller’s cloud. AllenPort server is fully multi-tenant. Manage any number of private clouds. As a reseller, your branding or your customer’s branding appears within all endpoints. It’s your cloud. They they’re your customers. AllenPort helps you keep it that way.
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    Control of your Cloud

    Mange your companies, users, data, and endpoints all from within the SaaS dashboard. The AllenPort control panel was designed to radically simplify all of your cloud management tasks. Already have an integrated control panel? Our fully documented SDK/API extends Dashboard functionality into 3rd party control panels such as Parallels, Ensim and Connectwise.
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    Choose Where to Host your Cloud Data

    You determine exactly from where your cloud services will be hosted. AllenPort is deeply committed to the concept of data sovereignty. Built from the ground up as as self-hosted solution, AllenPort server can be hosted and managed from any data center of your choice.
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    Mobile Ready

    Deliver cloud file store-and-share service for all of your endpoints. Allenport is available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The Dashboard gives administrators ability to deliver or wipe data from all devices.

The perfect end-to-end, white label, multi-tenant file store-and-share cloud solution for anyone concerned about data sovereignty.

AllenPort is a comprehensive cloud service designed to simplify delivering, managing and controlling file store-and-share services to end users.

  • Self Hosted

    Deliver full-featured Private File Cloud storage from your servers.

  • Fault tolerant

    Software and hardware storage redundancy through failover pods.

  • Dashboard Controlled

    Mange your companies, users, data, and endpoints all from within the dashboard.


  • White Label

    Deliver AllenPort private cloud with the branding you choose.

  • Supports Multiple Endpoints

    Deliver cloud services to PC, Mac desktops, iOS and Android devices.

  • Secure

    Control when, where and how users can access data through by setting permissions-based rules.

Just Because It’s In the Cloud Doesn’t Mean it Has to Be at Risk.

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